Collector Experience

'Last Light' - Michelle, I cannot put into words how much we LOVE our painting. It is absolutely phenomenal. No photos or videos will ever do it justice. When we held it up against the wall last night this giant wave of emotion came over me, it’s just perfect. We didn’t even know we needed the pinks and blues in the painting, you’ve created something we couldn’t ever imagine ourselves. We are just so grateful for your work, your patience and your amazing talent. Thank you. Love Prue & Brandon
'Water Is Life' - "Michelle! I just received the painting , omg I actually welled up a little when I saw it for the first time. It's even more beautiful in real life! Your work really is amazing! amazing." - James, VIC
'Generation' - "Absolutely in Love with this piece, such a valuable asset to our home." Ronnie & Georgia, THE BLOCK Fans v Favs 2021
”My husband and I were searching for some palette knife paintings for our new home and I instantly connected with Michelle’s work the second I saw it on Instagram. I barely asked my husbands permission before quickly purchasing these two gorgeous pieces before someone else snagged them. Now that they’re here and in our home, I’m even more amazed with how beautiful they are. They bring so much light and joy to our home that was quite plain beforehand. We especially love the landscape having Australian touches and knowing these came from an Australian artist, since my husband is Australian, we lived there for 6 years, and we miss it every day. We’ve already had so many compliments and I can’t think of a better way to make your home feel more warm and sophisticated! Thank you so much Michelle for this work that we’ll cherish forever.” - Averi, TX, USA
Mei, NSW
'Foggy Morning' - "This deliciousness arrived today, much earlier than we expected! We are so excited and looking forward to hanging our first piece of Australian art. I sense the beginning of a collection… Thank you so much @michellekeighleyart - we bought this piece to commemorate our tenth wedding anniversary and we couldnt be happier. " - Sabrina, TAS
'Day Dreamer' - "I woke up last night a few times smiling thinking about this gorgeous piece of yours. Michelle thank you so much for all the wonderful feelings this piece evokes and will continue to provide me throughout my lifetime. And thank you also for the beautiful card you sent along with the art. Means a lot to have this extra connection. Have a brilliant day." - Mary, SA
Commision - "So Gorgeous, I'm just so unbelievably excited! I think my very first message to you was to tell you that I loved your work and hoped to hang your art on my wall one day. It feels so good to make that a reality!" - Danijela, ACT
'Don't Leave Home' - "I cannot tell you how excited I am that this arrived today. It is another delicious work by @michellekeighleyart and my early birthday present (to myself haha!) I've had my eye on this for a long time and I'm so happy it finally found its way to me. Thank you Michelle!" - Sabrina, TAS
'Hills Beach' - "Hi Michelle. Your gorgeous artwork arrived today. Bringing some happy peaceful vibes to our studio space. I just love love your work. Thought I would share the new home of this stunning piece." - Nicole, VIC
'Afternoon Light' - "Happy in it's forever home!" - Kate, VIC
'Little Blue' - "Beautiful New addition to our home, thank you @michellekeighleyart" - Sofia, WA
Chrissy, VIC
Chrissy, VIC
"Thank you, Love the minis, They're adding to the tranquility of our bedroom" -Eva, VIC

7 Day Return Option

Have confidence in selecting and purchasing your artwork online.

I love creating these original artworks, and my wish is that collectors who purchase them also love them as well. This is why I offer collectors 7 days from the date of the delivery to hang and view the artwork in their home or office space, with the option of returning the artwork if they don’t love it on their wall.

To return an artwork, the original packaging and shipping material must be used to ensure the artwork is well protected during shipping back to me. Please contact me to arrange a return if needed. I can then provide you a quote for the cost of return shipping if you still wish to return the artwork and receive your full refund of the purchase price.

Free Shipping in Australia

No one likes to select their artwork and be hit with a surprise shipping cost when they go to complete their purchase.

This is why all artworks I send to Australian addresses include free shipping! I ensure your new artwork is professionally packaged in double-wall cartons so it arrives in perfect condition.